Hector Puig

"Nobody sees things as they really are since “reality” doesn't exist. It's only the fruit of our conformist interpretive ability"
-Hector Puig

We had some questions for Hector so you all can get to know him more! Read and view more of his work here!

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born by surprise, I did not expect it. I still keep a good memory of being born, though. When I was born, my mother wasn't there. She didn't like that so she told me to not do that again. I’ve always been "Anti-Established" and self started. In fact, I was born again 2 years ago, this time in Los Angeles, but this birth was different. I was a metaphysical rebirth as an artist. I came from the land of Don Quijote, the landscape that inspires Salvador Dalí, the sun who saw the birth of Picasso, the same kingdom’s court of Velazquez and so many other “hidalgos” and “conquistadores”. In Spain, when we don’t live but celebrate life. A phenomenon occurs in Madrid that does not happen anywhere else in the world: “Los Madrileños” and among them, me.



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