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Trent was born in Guatemala City in Guatemala as Carlos Morales. His passion for the arts was awakened shortly after he became an orphan. When he was 8 years old he was subjected to some extreme violence and physical abuse, by his stepfather, followed by hostile abandonment. He then started expressing himself through art. Although this was a bad time in his life, he looked at the brighter side of things and wanted be happy. One day, he was outside looking at nature. He started to draw the sky, trees, buildings, and the people in the area. As a child he never dreamt of becoming an artist. When he came to the United States, on June 22, 2009 and was adopted with a new beginning and became Trent Christopher Jackson.

He strived to draw all the details of each subject. He saw the passion he was building that guided him to challenge his skills, instincts, and inter-self to become a better artist. Art to him is the definition of drawing or painting with freedom, self- expression, and communication. Each piece of art he completes is a step closer to becoming a great artist. His inspirations come from dreams, he’s an artist who likes to paint beautiful things to be appreciated by the world. When he paints or draws he surprises himself when the work is complete. He spends hours, sometimes days working hard on his paintings to give the viewers a perfect piece of work. He admires Pablo Picasso, Jean Basquiat, Van Gogh, Monet, and Voka. The love he has for art is so large that there isn’t a possibility of give it up. He puts his soul, heart, and hard work into every painting so the general public and new artists can appreciate his work too. His goal is to inspire new artists to pursue their dreams and know that nothing is impossible if you have the right ambition and attitude to achieve greatness.


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This is Trent Jackson's custom piece of the legend, Tupac! The painting was done with acrylics, watercolor, black fine point pen, and India ink. For each painting sold, proceeds go directly back to the Artist!

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